Background Investigations


The average Bank Robber steals $2,400 dollars, while the average "embezzler" steals $400, you think you are losing revenue?? Could this have been prevented? Is there a potential for workplace Violence?

One of the best methods to prevent theft and violence is to conduct quality pre employment background investigations.

We include: a Comprehensive, Multi-State, Multi-jurisdictional criminal background Investigation. We double check with the New Jersey State Policy Form #SBI 212B, to ensure that you don't hire a convicted felon...


If you did use the $69.00 special, identify the process the company used and ensure they submitted this form. In New Jersey, this is the most accurate way to perform background investigations and we can prove it!

Check-M-Out Security services and Investigations LLC - (Pre-Employment & Background investigations)

* Level #1
* Level #2
* Level #3


Most background investigations rely on "One" program, we use our exclusive Four way Check. Our quality research produces truthful College degree & employee verifications. This ensures that your future employee is trustworthy!

Note: All information confidential - All financial individual credit information Requires a signed waiver, in compliance with (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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