Skip Tracing - Find-M-Fast


FIND-M-FAST, using Check-M-Out Security Services and Investigation LLC. A unique investigative approach, to locate that person you are looking for!

Check-M-Out Security services and investigations LLC, is a private investigation company specializing in providing in-depth information to verify Data, confirm activities and locate subjects. We have access to an array of privileged databases to provide you with the most up-to-date information, and we uphold the highest standards in our investigation techniques.

o  Level #1 - $ 49.95 = 5 x better than skip trace!
o  Level #2 - $ 135.00 = Unique PI Investigative approach
o  Level #3 - $ 375.00 = interactive PI Personal Contact.


We only accept assignments from attorney's, law firms, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies and process serving companies with a case number and copy of court papers, in order to comply with the fair credit reporting act (FCRA) . If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 201-760-8818.

Discounts available with break points at 100, 500 and 1000 locates per month.


If you are looking for someone for a private matter the following Rules apply, in compliance with the FCRA.


Locate assignments are billed at an hourly rate of $75.00, and all initial Locate assignments require a minimum deposit ($300), which is non-refundable. Due to state and federal privacy laws, it is required that the subject of the locate is notified that the customer is seeking their location. If the subject in question is located, the following contingencies apply:

1. we will notify the subject of your identity, and the reasoning behind your inquiry, and will provide them with either your address, telephone number or email address, or all of the above. This contingency applies if the subject feels uncomfortable with us supplying you (the customer) with their location or personal information.


2.We will notify the subject of your identity, and the reasoning behind your inquiry, and will receive their permission for us to disseminate to you either their address, telephone number or email address. The subject in question will be notified that they are under no obligation to disclose this information to us.


3. The subject in question declines to allow the dissemination of their location and/or personal information. Customer will be notified that subject in question did not authorize the disclosure of their location, and is not interested in any communication with the customer.