Security Training (NJ SORA\SIRA)


New Jersey State Security Industry Registration Act (S.I.R.A.)


A standardized security officer training program has become law in the state of New Jersey and in many other states nationwide. The training allows security practitioners the ability to better understand and perform their duties. The objectives of the training are to provide training in a variety of subjects directly related to the security and safety of their clients. When an organization considers the safety of its patrons and the business needs of its organization they must consider the training and capabilities of the officers they employ. The knowledge gained through this program offers exposure to fundamental concepts and principles of the security industry.



This program will serve as a basic introduction, enabling security practitioners to increase their awareness of security related issues, security approaches and techniques, while simultaneously developing the skills needed to improve their performance. The program also compliments and lends itself to critical thinking and decision-making. The program intends to empower those with basic “security” knowledge, building a practitioner’s confidence in the ability to identify both safety needs and threats that may affect their line of business.

This course is applicable to all security practitioners as well as former law enforcement personnel tasked with the safety and security for businesses they serve. It is designed to provide former law enforcement officers and current security practitioners (security officers) with concepts and ideas for maintaining a secure and safe environment.



Topics covered within the 24 hour training program:

o   Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism

o   Communications/Emergency Response

o   Theft Prevention

o   Limits on The Use of Force

o   Detention of Suspects

o   Ethics and Professional Conduct

o   First Aid/CPR/AED

o   Fire Prevention


Check-M-Out Securities and Investigations is dedicated to providing the highest standard. We are committed to excellence and will offer only professional, highly trained and motivated personnel to serve our clients. Check-M-Out Securities and Investigations has over 120 years of law enforcement Experience, we specialize in security training & support.

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